2014 releases:

High Octane:Unleashed

(Nov 17th 2014)

High Octane:Ignited

with Rachel Cross

Maybe Baby
HighOctane_Unleashed HighOctane: Ignited - Contemporary Romance Maybe Baby

What do a computer games designer, an egg donor, a website CEO, an emergency services helicopter pilot, several Formula One drivers and a nuclear scientist have in common? They’re the characters with geeky lives on the cutting-edge of technology who breathe life into my romance novels. Before the word geek puts you off, please note that the term has changed and now means something like: “a person who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a specific subject.” If the word romance puts you off then probably best to look away now. Still with me? If you like romance that engages the mind and captures the heart then check out my books.

Specific tropes I write and read are:

The Smart-Ass Heroine vs. the Uptight/Wounded Hero – which you’ll find in High Octane: Unleashed

The Geek or Nerd Hero/Heroine – as in Maybe Baby (which brutally subverts the Secret Baby Trope by the way)

The Adventure Girl / Guy – in High Octane: Ignited.


I’m a member of the UK Romantic Novelists’ Association rna and critiquecircle.com

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